Cold Brew Coffee

I’m a bit of a fan of cold brew coffee and I think if you have talked to me pretty much at any point over the past year, I would have told you about my passion for it. I made it a goal of mine a few months back to start making my own cold brew rather than going out and buying always, and I am happy to say I have succeeded. This is my little video on how I like to make cold brewed coffee. I hope you enjoy it and if you have some time, give it a try yourself!

Florida Trip

So, it’s been a while since I posted here, and as wedding season has started up I want to start posting again. The thing is, I still have a backlog of like 5 months now that I have not posted, so I wanted to post a few pictures from the awesome trip to Florida I had this spring with my family. It was an awesome trip to relax a bit with the fam and also fly the drone where I learnt to fly years ago.

Alberta Adventure

Back in the first week of February I had the opportunity to go to Alberta with a group of friends and we had a blast. We were there for a week and drove from Edmonton to Jasper, down to Banff/Canmore, and then back up to Edmonton to fly home. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram, but I kinda took a tonne of pictures, so I’m posting some more of them here, I hope you enjoy them!

Braelyn & Josiah’s Engagement

On a little bit of a dreary day last week Braelyn, Josiah and I went out with the marvelous intentions to go skating.. but of course, in January, we get rained out. Thankfully though they brought an umbrella and we had a blast taking some moody as heck pictures at the Hamilton harbor area!

Ruler & Oak

My wonderful sister-in-law Laura has a small business where she makes vinyl mats and they show up pretty often in my pictures cause they are darn awesome. This is a little video I made with Laura and my nephews while we were up north and I thought I would share it as it was quite fun to make! If you want to find more information on Laur’s mats you can hop on over to .

Mark & Cassie’s Family pictures

This is my first post in a while! It’s been a busy start to October, and I don’t even know what happened to September, but I’ve been taking tonnes of pictures in the last several weeks and I just haven’t had time to post any. With all that said, here a a few pictures from a awesome session I had last week with lil’ Audrey, Mark and Cassie, who is expecting quite soon! It was fantastic to have the opportunity take some pictures with them during this special time in their lives and I was thrilled with the pictures we got.