My passion for photography has slowly evolved into my obsession with capturing video. I have experience working for other brands and operating different camera systems, so whether you need me to bring my own Sony kit or you’d prefer I operate using the ecosystem of your choice, I’d love to be able to help.

I always enjoy the honor to be able to help capture a wedding video. I work usually with an assistant or just by myself to deliver a meaningful video that captures all the key moments of your big day in perfect detail.

If you are looking to capture professional video for your company or brand please let me know. I have worked on many commercial shoots and have the audio, lighting and video equipment to help work in any environment, whether that be in a small shop, a warehouse or the bright outdoors.

Quality doesn’t have to mean a huge production though. I strive to keep an authentic feel to the video I work on while maintaining a professional level that can grab viewers attention while still feeling relatable.

Looking to sell a property? I can capture both photos and video to help show how awesome your home is!

Thankfully these days capturing quality video has become more any more accessible, meaning making small videos is always an exciting & easy option. I love to capture simple small cinematic family & couple videos that can immortalize special moments of your lives.