Video work is quite tricky to make a basic rate for because of the many different directions a creative video can go. I have the equipment for large productions however, planning them is a bit more intensive, so please contact me if you have something in mind and we can work together to create your vision.

Short Video
on average750
  • – An approx. 1 minute short video highlighting a product, home or sharing event information in a engaging ad video.
  • Price varies depending on lighting needs, production timeline and location, please contact me for more information.
Interview Video
starting at1000
  • – A 1-5 minute narrative video with voice over from yourself, customers or a voice actor. Perfect for highlighting the specifics your product and guiding the audience’s attention.
  • Price varies depending on your project needs and I would love to chat about how we can work together to create your vision.

For any additional information please feel free to reach out! Contact me

To see example of videos I have made you can see my video portfolio here.

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