So there is a funny story with this picture, because if you look through work, you can see pretty easily, I’m not a wildlife photographer. So, the one day when I was out taking engagement photos with a couple a hawk landed a little ways behind us to feast on a seagull carcass and I figured I would try and get a picture of it. Well I am not sneaky and I spooked it and it flew away, but it kinda by chance turned out to be one my favorite photos I’ve ever taken!

This image is printed on high quality canvas with ink rated for 200+ years of resistance to fading. I offer various sizes with set prices, but please contact me if you have something that I can tailor to your needs such as a different material or size.

  • 12×18 Inches: CA$ 140
  • 16×24 Inches: CA$ 200
  • 24×36 Inches: CA$ 300

Contact me (Shipping not included in the prices above)


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