What is the best time of day?

My favorite time of day to take pictures is usually an hour before sunset, the light is just right then and the photos get a nice warm look to them. However during the day is ok, but the best pictures are in the shade then so that the shadows are not to harsh.

What is the best location?

I am personally pretty indifferent actually for location. I usually gravitate towards being in a forest, field or park because of the open space and greenery. Realistically though anywhere works for me, I love trying new things.

What to wear?

Generally speaking, plain dull colors and layers are best. The reason I say layers are best is because you can always take a jacket or scarf on or off and it will add some variety to the photos. Patterns and bright colors can be a bit distracting, so I recommend trying to match with a general color palette, such as red, blue, brown and white or something similar but not the same, so you look nice together. With that all said, I am not known for my incredible since of fashion

Also, props are awesome and I try to bring a blanket and an umbrella, but if you have any significant object to you guys, you are welcome to bring it. If want to try something fun like a smoke bomb, I am always going to say yes 🙂 With that said they are not at all required, and the vast majority of my shoots have nothing and turn out great!


I am rather reserved with my posing and I’ll usually put you guys in a certain spot and will help give prompts, nothing too crazy though. I understand most people have very little experience in front of the camera, and I will do my best to make sure you guys are comfortable, the most important things is that we have fun.

Also I love getting your ideas! If you have a picture from Instagram you love, send it to me and I can do my best to recreate it for you guys, plus it gives me a little fun challenge too!


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