General stuff:

I am very relaxed on a wedding day, I like to get the pictures as they come and I only pose you guys when needed, like for some couple poses and group shots, otherwise candid photos are my favorite way to capture the day as it happens.

I do love schedules though, oh boy do I. If possible I like having a schedule a week or two before the wedding just so I can prepare for the day and if I am working with a second photographer, I am able to help plan their day out too.

Family photos:

If possible, I would really appreciate getting a list of the group family photos you guys would like on the big day. This helps me get and idea of how much time it will take, but also helps prevent some off the rails photos that a certain overbearing aunt may want, so I can be the bad guy and say its not on my list. On the day of we can always change things up though, and if you don’t have a chance to send me a list though, no problem, they are not to hard to get just by winging it anyways.

What are the best times of day for pictures?

My favorite time of day to take pictures is usually an hour before sunset, the light is just right then, so if possible I love going out from the reception for a few minutes to just get a few couple photos at sunset.

However during the day anytime is ok, but the best pictures are in the shade then so that the shadows are not to harsh everyone face. I am always looking for the best lighting so you don’t really need to worry about this, I’ll find a place that works 🙂

What are the best locations?

I am personally pretty indifferent actually for location. I usually gravitate towards being in a forest, field or park because of the open space and greenery, but really, I love variety, so anywhere is ok for me. As far as family photos go, any where a group can fit is ok with me.



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